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Woo-commerce Hosting

Entrusting your new Avada website to our hosting platform will give you something that no one else can – we only host other Avada theme clients on servers that are optimised and configured

Dedicated WooCommerce Hosting Servers

Our WooCommerce hosting accounts go further – by isolating our servers to purely WooCommerce shopping websites, we can ensure that everyone on the server benefits, because they are optemised to run Woo as fast as possible. Also, by keeping the install base managed, you are less likely to experience issues generally associated with shared hosting accounts.


perfect for devs
$59 /month
Ideal for
  • Live staging area
  • One click push.
  • Daily Backups

All In Flat Rate

Hassle free WordPress
$79 /month
Ideal for
  • Includes private SSL cert
  • Optimisation.
  • Managed updates

DIY Hosting

perfect starter package
$39 /month
Ideal for
  • Optimised Avada Hosting
  • Inhouse Avada Support team.
  • 20% discount on nine9
* use promo code freetrial at checkout for a 14 day no obligation trial. Unpaid accounts will auto terminate after 14 days.

What Makes Us Different


Low contention ratios per server, max of 100 accounts.


Onsite caching and image optemisation included at no extra charge


Global CDN included Free for superfast image delivery

WordPress hosting – Just for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the biggest WordPress eCommerce solution and fast becoming the biggest platform in the world. Our WooCommerce servers are built to handle whatever you can throw at it

Putting it simply – Speed Matters

Our servers are built for speed. Our team have built hundreds of Woo websites, so when it comes to optimizing them, we know what you need to make your site fly.

Specialist Hosting for Avada

Join over 200 000 WordPress website owners who have entrusted their sites to Avada.

Ready To Go

We also offer Ready to go WooCommerce solutions – all we need is a copy of your product feed on a spreadsheet or CSV file – includes all maintenance, theme updates, security patches – just add your content.